Andreas Frickinger


Experimental photography helps me to develop the necessary artistic skills for my professional work as a filmmaker. Photography also became an integral part of my meditation practice. Without agenda or expectations, I enjoy exploring the world through the viewfinder of my camera. Over a decade of working professionally with cinematic images contributed to a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of photography which enables me to use the camera intuitively as a creative tool.

As practices, both meditation and photography demand commitment, discipline and technical skill. Possession of these qualities does not, however, guarantee that meditation will lead to great wisdom any more than photography will culminate in great art. To go beyond mere expertise in either domain requires a capacity to see the world in a new way. Such seeing originates in a penetrating and insatiable curiosity about things. It entails recovering an innocent, childlike wonder at life while suspending the adult’s conviction that the world is simply the way it appears.

– Stephen Batchelor